At G&A Tactical we supply authentic, quality tactical footwear suitable for both active duty and service as well as personal protection. From boots to socks, we provide everything your feet need to get the job done.

As a specialty dealer in tactical gear on the Gold Coast, we ensure all of our footwear meets a superior level of quality. We carefully select all of our stock from authentic brands in order to make sure that your footwear will hold up in even the harshest of conditions.

situation at hand and less on the durability of your apparel. Don’t let your own feet get in the way of achieving success. With G&A Tactical’s authentic, quality footwear you can rest assured that your feet will get you where you need to go.

Footwear | Gold Coast | Ga Tactical

5.11, Under Armor, Salomon and Original Swat are just a few of the product lines that we carry. We only stock footwear that give ultimate comfort as well as performance. So that, personnel on their feet all day will still have the ability to run and be agile when needed, as well as for the sports man running and moving who needs outright grip and speed without the compromise of comfort or weight. We have ultra-lightweight and cool-wearing boots loved by professionals in the Middle East and South East Asian desert environments.

G&A Tactical have everything your feet need to get the job done, in comfort and style!

Our experienced Gold Coast-based team will happily discuss with you, your department, business or individual needs, in order to recommend the best footwear to suit your requirements and budget. We aim to make sure that your footwear will withstand whatever conditions and terrain as needed, and will keep your feet going no matter the situation.

Footwear | Gold Coast | Ga Tactical

At G&A Tactical we continually strive to provide each and every one of our customers with the absolute best in tactical gear. From bulk department orders to individual personal orders, we will work with you to make sure your feet are covered in the absolute best choice of footwear. With fast delivery times Australia wide and great customer service, finding the footwear to suit your requirements is as easy as visiting us at our Gold Coast store or giving us a call.

When it comes to authentic, quality tactical gear, apparel and footwear, G&A Tactical has become a well-recommended and respected name throughout Queensland and across Australia. We make sure that all of our carefully selected stock meets our high standards of quality as well as your budget, comfort and functionality expectations.

Your footwear will not only hold up, it’ll be the most comfortable, durable and fantastic looking pair of boots your feet have every experienced!

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