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G&A Tactical is a favoured supplier of specialty tactical gear, including knives and lights for active duty or an active lifestyle. We stock everything from premium-quality handmade folding and fixed blade knives to hard working utility knives. We only stock flashlights that we hand pick, including basic barebones torches, to feature packed rechargeable and everything in-between. This is to ensure your needs are met, and that regardless of requirement we can help.

Our hands-on industry experience makes us uniquely qualified to provide expert advice in order to assist you with finding the absolute best knives and lights to suit your requirements exactly. Our skilled Gold Coast team can recommend the tactical gear that will suit your purpose, situation and budget perfectly.

At G&A Tactical, we stock only the best in genuine tactical products at our Gold Coast store. We do not stock anything low-to-mid range, and certainly no copies or fakes!

Benchmade, Spyderco and Columbia River knives are some of the genuine brands that we stock. We carefully select our stock, and these brands have been proven to provide the highest quality steels and materials, as well as the strongest locks for durability and strength.

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Some of our flashlight brands include Pelican, Fenix, OLight and Streamight. These products range from basic 170 lumen power small packages, right through to 1000 lumen rechargeable or 2200 lumen search and rescue floodlight hand held torches.

For all of your tactical knife and flashlight needs, you’ll find no one better than Gold Coast’s G&A Tactical!

No matter the tactical considerations you are facing, we have the knives and lights that will with withstand even the harshest of conditions. We make sure that our knives and lights will hold up, especially in the severe environments when you need them the most!

We have tactical gear suitable for active duty – including police force, security guards and military – as well as individual personal use. Our knives and lights don’t compromise on quality, ever, no matter the spend price. We make sure that each and every product, from the basic range right through to the top-of-the-line options, can get the job done right!

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