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G&A Tactical stocks a vast range of quality law enforcement and security gear (LE/Security) to suit a wide variety of police force, service and active duty purposes.

Our Gold Coast store is geared towards supporting our local Law Enforcement and Security Guards. As such, our range of apparel includes colours and styles required for covert and overt Police, specialist Police units, Security and Bodyguards. We carry a range of handcuffs and extendable batons for those licenced and legally allowed to purchase.

Le / Security | Gold Coast | Ga Tactical

As specialists in the tactical gear industry, we offer practical, authentic, quality LE/Security gear and accessories. With hands-on, skilled experience, our Gold Coast team can provide expert assistance to help ensure you receive the proper gear to precisely suit any LE/Security situation.

G&A Tactical continually strives to be highest-recommended source for top-quality LE/Security gear and accessories on the Gold Coast, in Queensland and throughout Australia. To do so, we maintain a high standard when it comes to stocking only genuine brands and supreme quality gear.

Our LE/Security Gold Coast Stock is Suitable for Use in The Following Industries:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Police Force
  • Security Contractors
  • Security Job Agencies
  • Private Securitys
  • Government Military
  • Ex-Military Contractors
  • Government Security
  • Private Military
  • and more!
Le / Security | Gold Coast | Ga Tactical

It’s our job to make sure that your equipment holds up and lets you get the job done right, in even the most extreme of situations. As such, we aim to provide each and every one of our LE/Security customers with only the best of the best when it comes to tactical gear.

Whether you are looking for LE/Security gear and accessories for individual use or to outfit to the entire department or company, G&A Tactical can supply you with everything you need and more. We’ll make sure you and your team can get the job done right with top-quality efficiency.

With G&A Tactical’s LE/Security products, you can engage in every situation with complete confidence in your gear.

From handcuffs and batons right through to body cameras and metal detectors, G&A Tactical has you covered. Our expert Gold Coast team will assess your situation and desired purpose and recommend the best option to suit your needs and budget, so that you can get back to kicking-ass.

Just like trusting in your partner or team, so too do you need to trust in your gear to get the job done. With G&A Tactical’s LE/Security products, you can engage in every situation with complete confidence in your gear. Letting you accomplish the situation at hand with superior skill and excellent efficiency.

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