Requirements for a Pocket Knife or Multitool in Qld

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  • 08-10-2018

The tactical mentality comes from military methods, but translates to every day life for many regardless of background.  Very often the personality trait that sees someone join the military, police and also the security industry.  Those same persons are also often outdoor people, hikers, fisher, shooters and hunters.  Those 4 activities are prime reasons for having your pocket knife handy.


Australia doesn’t have any legal weapons for self defence, so you can not have any knives on you in public for defence purposes, not for any career or reason.

Legally in Qld, a knife can not be carried in public with out a genuine reason, which are limited to scenarios like requiring it for trades or work, going or been fishing, or camping etc. You should go shopping at woollies with a knife in the pocket, as there is no genuine legit reason to need it.  If you are caught and accused anything malicious with a knife in the pocket, criminal charges for possessing a are likely.

Handy Tool

A pocket knife or multi tool can also prove invaluable for tradesman. A handy small knife that can be opened quickly is one thing that a tradie often cant live without, how many times has some one been in a scenario where they only have one hand free, they cant use the other and they cant open their safety knife. The advantage of a high quality pocket knife over a safety knife using Stanley style blades is the pocket knife can be resharpened time and time again, where the Stanley blades have to be replaced and if your using it a lot, you have to replace them…a lot.

Other Uses

Camping, fishing, bush craft, SES, collectors, metal crafting: are all areas where pockets knives are utilised to add to military, Policing and trades.

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