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  • 30-08-2018

What a week, Lee and Martin spent the 3rd week of January in Las Vegas for the annual Shot Show.My (Martins) first time at the show, where as Lee is quite the veteran. On foot, covering over 25000 steps 4 days straight, the show is big, really big, unexplainably big.
Tactical Gear | Ammunition | Military Shop | Gold Coast | Ga Tactical | 510

Seeing and handling all my dream guns, also meeting my shooting idols! What an amazing way to spend 4 days!

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We spent many hours walking, we also met with alot of suppliers and brands we work closely with, seeing the new 2018 range from 5.11 was brilliant. The new boots coming, new pants and mostly their ground breaking new GEO7 camo pattern, 2018 is gonna be big for 5.11 and G&A being one of 5.11s biggest sellers in Australia.

In short, the show houses many companies from the world wide shooting commuinities, but this years focus was quite different to years prior.
While Trump is in power, the US market is not in panic buying mode like previous years under Obama. With Trump being “pro gun” the world has reverted from the semi auto AR15 obsessed market back to the bolt action rifle, but not just any old bolt. Specifically the chassis rifle capable of extreme long range.

Since the advent of the 6.5 Creedmoor, or more so the martketing blitz of the CM, and the birth of the Ruger Precision Rifle, ie a factory built high quality chassis gun capable of shooting way beyond 1000m with ease, the market has gone nuts for guns more capable of more range. With all big brands releasing their own factory chassis rifle.

With the development of calibres and equipment, load data and even more so scopes, the shooting world is getting more and more excited about ringing steel targets of crazy small sizes and ridiculous distances.

For example and these are just a Few things we saw at the show:

Federals new 224 Valkyrie, a 22 calibre, just a tad bigger case than a 223, accurate to 1300 metres!! Zero recoil making watching the bullet in flight a sinch. No more Spotter needed!

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Chassis systems coming out left right and centre from gun works all around the world that are good with rifle actions and even better with alluminimum CNC machines.

Optics that have built in range finding and automatic elevation adjustments to suit.

Optics with 80 power magnification. YIKES

Projectile development making them more and more stable at transonic distances (slowing down through the sound barrier turbulances) making more accurate at long ranges.

But, the most exciting advances and products at the show for me wasnt the big dollar high end products.

It was the mid to low value products.

Companies like EOTech and Nightforce, Nikon and Bushnell all releasing unbelievabley high tech scopes, lots of magnification, incredibly clear glass and quality way beyond what we have seen before in the $500 to $2000 range.

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Most of all though, the most exciting for me (Marty) was the new Vortex Scopes, Shield red dot optics and Sightmark scopes. All of which we will have in stock in the near fututre.

Vortex have been bridging the gap between $1000 and $3000 scopes for a while, now adding to that going under $1000 with the new Strike Eagle range, taking the technolgy and know how from the high end Razor and Golden Eagle scopes to the budget minded shooter.

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Sightmark, have been around for along time, mostly in red dot optics for AR style platforms, but their scope range is just astounding for the price, these I can not wait to stock. They look a million bucks, feel superb and hopefully make your rifle shoot well too 🙂

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Lastly but certainly not least, probably our most exciting new procduct with the growing IPSC Procudtion Optics class is the: Sheild optics are no newby on the market, with over 100000 red dots sold world wide they have a good name. With one of their early designs used by Trijicon, Tasco and other big brands they have been leading the way in tuff technology, supplying to the UK and ANZAC millitaries for years and years, Now becoming more and more popluar for competition pistol shooters for one reason, they are lasting longer than most other big brands when mounted to a pistol slide. Again, these are heading to our shop along with mounting options.

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